Connection at the real time : You, bike and couch

YESOUL APP takes couch to your sitting room, more than 3 – 5 live broadcast classes of lessons,update contents of lessons and let you have the same health experience of club at home as you can get at club. Rich training types large quantity of competition lessons and scientific management of sport data let you have trains in more interesting ways. YESOUL APP can help you to realize health targets no matter fat reduction, shaping and or raising physical fitness.

Lessons live broadcast

You can have new lessons, and have the same health experience as you can have when you are at club.

YESOUL APP live broadcast can broadcast more than 3 – 5 classes of lessons every day at the real time, and you can have new lessons every day, and receive couch’s specialized guidance as the couch gets to your home himself. Rank names at the real time during the process of live broadcast, and make competition with your riders,let you do it whole-heartedly as if you do it at the place.

Lessons broadcast when on demand

Break through restriction of time and space, arrange your training time as per your own wish and choose couch that you like best.

You can choose out of large quantity of lessons, replay past lessons as you like and don’t worry that you miss any of lessons you had before. For those poorer trainers, you can follow our broadcast lessons we do, and take systematic training.

Sport data

Provides more accurate sport data as your own health couch as your personal health couch

Power, Calories, sport .record and personal grow-up…….YESOUL APP lets you grasp sport data at real time, scientifically work out train plan so that we won’t be blind and effects are more significant.

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